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Dog Daycare

How to Know If Doggy Daycare Is Right for Your Dog

If you’re a working professional, you probably spend the majority of your week at an office, which means your dog is home alone. It’s always the hardest saying goodbye to your pet for the day; “Be a good boy, I’ll see you later!” Send your pup to doggy daycare instead of leaving them home alone all…

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4 Simple Tips to Get Your Lazy Dog Active & Exercising

Don’t you just love it when your dog snuggles up and lounges with you on the couch? Or in bed? Or while you’re relaxing in the backyard? Wait – is your dog just lounging anywhere and any chance it gets? Yep, If your dog is only interested in lounging around, it sounds like you have…

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Dallas Pet Boarding: What You Need to Know Before You Go

Leaving your beloved fur baby with someone else, let alone a stranger, can be scary. But worry no more – Paw Lofts is here to tell you what you need to know before you go to Dallas pet boarding. Sending your fur baby to Dallas pet boarding is great for their social skills. Not to…

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